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NE Whataspp 5.16 Pink & Blue by altornedo

Download NE Whataspp 5.16 by ALTORENDO 7

What's New in 5.16

• Added an option to change the main interface 
[  You can change the interface of the facade of the old Plus  ]
• Add 31 new application icon
• Add 140 new notice icon
• Added an option to change the VSAT 
• Add VSAT Plus
• Add 185 cases ready
• Add religious partition contains the dhikr and the stories of the prophets and the Qur'an
• Add the repeated questions without Net
• theme has been improved version
• Improve the lock Alwatsab
• Arabization of the entire application
• Change view settings [  Settings Plus  ]
• More and discovered it yourself.

Download Links OF Ne Whatsapp 5.16:

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