A.K.A Mod Gb Whatsapp By Fxcking Kreatxre

Variants Emojis/Variantes Emojis

1. Deadpool
2. FB Messenger
3. Google
4. HTC One
5. HTC 
6. iOS 9.1
7. iOS 10 (Girl)
8. iOS 10 (Man)
9. iOS Flat
10. Samsung
11. TNMT (Turtle Ninja)
12. Twitter
13. W10 (Windows 10 )


* More enhancements added toGreen Teal theme :) Enjoy
* Wall changed conversation screen "Dope Mickye Mouse"
* Many icons added to this Mod and edited colors
* New's icon Profile Avatar and Avatar Group (Style Vector)
* New's sounds Conversation Screen (All & beautiful sounds)
* New icon chats and groups mutated return (Style MD)
* Change icons on the screen attachments conversation (MD Style)
* Plus Emojis back the refore have the substituted Flags (Emojis Plus Only the Mod We'll see whether this or another that had integrated)
* Integrated very and new icons for Mod
* New icons in Screen Calls
* New icon of missed calls in WhatsApp (Style MD) (Thanks to Jorge Teniza for support on the icon)
* New default color
* Support in Spanish [Changelog] (By Kreatxre)
* Style swich changed to activate the Mod's (By Kreatxre)
* It is now more fluid, less Lag ... (Special thanks in cleaning AbracadabraModz code)
* And many other icons changed in all screens Special thanks for support in modifying and creating icons for this Mod to AbracabraModz, StyleModz & Kreatxre)
* Change screen icon shipping in conversation
* Change Screen Icons call (incoming, missed and outgoing)
* Support for icons DPI: (HDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI & XXXHDPI)
* Changed default launcher icon (New Style By Kreatxre material design)
* Notification icons changed style design Material (New fillings icons and various colors)
* Some icons changed in the conversation screen
* Advertising removed.



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