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Install 4 WhatsApp Watts August Plus the latest version v5.10

You can install WhatsApp , WhatsApp + 2    and  WhatsApp + 3   and  WhatsApp + 4


* Copies works with all Android phones and the most important (Galaxy Note 4 + Galaxy S 6) 
* Copy operate forever without a request to update the future 
* Now all the copies activated via sms code and by contact -such as how to activate the formal green Alwatsab 
* Supports calls 
* the possibility of hiding to appear 
* Privacy Options 
* counter statistics for groups 
* View the media without loading 
* the possibility to hide thename and the date when copying two or more 
* ability to copy status 
* the possibility of backup and restore 
* You can change Theme Alwatsab 
* You can see the profile pictures of people twelve speak at Alkarobat 
* You can send video size increases until it reaches about 12mp 30mp 
* You can change any color and change the Font Size and Color.





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