WhatsApp Indigo 1.0.1 (BETA 3.1) Latest Version

Plus Features (with many mods)

- Group Invites
- Video Calling
- Multi Cast
- Doodle
- Two Step Auth
- Online Toast
- E2E Groups, Images, B.list, Video, Audio, VoIP
- Profile Zoom Screen
- Added Splash Screen
- Added Media Mods
- Media size limit
- Send HD Pics ""
Privacy  working

~ Features :

General Features

1- Hide date and name
(Hide the date and the name when copying 2 messages or more)

2- Hide Call Button
(Hide call button from conv. Action Bar)

3- Make text Selectable
(Enables chat bubble text selection)

4- Hide Archived Chats
(Hide archived chats button from conv. screen)

5- Misc Features

6- Set User Name & Status
(Set your name and status in home Action Bar)

7- Auto Restart
(Auto restart on back press)

8- Clear Emojis
(Clear your recent emojis)

9- Create Shortcut
(Create shortcut on home to fix unread counter message)

10- Backup & Restore
Create Backup of your WhatsApp data, and Restore it whenever you want..



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