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AM WhatsApp Plus v4.81 Latest

❤ 29-08-2016

Line to change the way up to New font Rose
Add a static image of WhatsApp
Add Aigontien in the list of changes
You can download the program from within my All WhatsApp..
Tloyen some icons..

❤ Update to version 2.16.193
❤Videos call contact voice and image (not available when everyone else now)
❤ 2.4.0 added option to see the emergence of other screen names
❤ Now you can use customized for each conversation privacy (Enter Conversation About Privacy then) and the use of public Privacy together
❤ Added an option to disable receiving calls from a particular person (Conversation About then customized) notices
❤ Now you can create a link to your own group and invite your friends to the group through the link
❤ will be colored screen names through the options inside option 2.4
❤ added options of 02/01/53 1.255 for coloring bubble Missed Call Alert
❤ adding 2/2/31 option to change the color of the missed call icon in the talks bubble screen
❤ adding options 2.4.12 and 2.4.13 to change the text of the last appearance of color in screen names
❤ reform background appearance in black when activating the allocation customized for each conversation background option
❤ repair data recovery (in issuing Marchimllo)
❤ reform not to move the situation in the top bar in the conversation
❤ 6.2 option to hide the notices reform
❤ repair send pictures by searching the Internet
❤ Other reforms..



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