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WhatsApp+ v7.0 Custom Patches

What's New :-

  • ( v7.0 ) 27 October 2016
  • Biggest update ever !!!. Made patch from scratch.
  • Hide blue ticks feature is now customizable.
  • Unlocked hidden features (Make yourself feel special !)
  • Made patch UNIVERSAL (means it will "try to" work with other bases). i.e. patch made for 2.16.318 worked with 2.16.324.
  • "Fully supports" (might support other bases) new base 2.16.324.
  • Customization is much more easier now. Read updated instructions.
  • Official whatsapp changes : mentions,video calls,group invite links,animated GIFs,stickers on pics/videos,front facing flash,write text on pics/videos with various fonts,iOS 10 emojis, UI tweaks and more..

Features of Patch :-

  1. Unlike modded apks No backend tracking or ads, Completely open code (txt files)
  2. Patch is 100% AntiBan cause it is applied on official apk
  3. Hide Privacy : Last Seen (customizable), Blue Ticks (customizable), Writing, voice notes played indicator (No more breakups with GF(s) !!!)
  4. Unblocked hidden features(Make yourself feel special :D)
  5. Send High quality pictures & videos without compression (customizable) (Send HQ wallpapers via whatsapp !!!)
  6. Share media upto 72 MB size. (Please dont misuse this feature, if u know what i mean :P)
  7. Removed In app beta version updater.
  8. Disabled sensor detection while playing voice notes (customizable)
  9. Send unlimited (instead of 10) images/videos simultaneously
  10. Status limit increased to 255 from 139. (Write blogs in your status ?!)
  11. Disabled addition of details (date,time & name) while copying multiple messages (customizable)
  12. Media Caption limit increased from 160 to 4000+ characters. (Wanna share thesis ?)
  13. Disabled Heads-Up Notifications. (customizable)
  14. To differentiate between 2 patches, in HIDEPRIVACY patch date text color in main screen is changed to RED.
    Black Dates=SHOWPRIVACY

How to Install :-

  1. Delete “WhatsApp.apk” & “WhatsApp.upgrade” files from /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder if there are any (Do this only one time after this it will never download beta apk again)
  2. Download & Install both ("official" whatsapp & lucky patcher) apks from download tab. Also download both patches' txt files.
  3. Setup whatsapp by going through number verification
  4. Open Lucky Patcher=> Settings=> Click on “Change Directory” & remember that path.
  5. Navigate to that path in file manager app, then place both downloaded patchs' txt files in same folder.
  6. Open Lucky patcher => Click on WhatsApp from app list=> Open Menu of Patches=> Custom Patch=> Depending on your choice of privacy (hideprivacy & showprivacy) "Apply Patch"=> (it will take some time so wait) Once it finishes Open WhatsApp.
  7. Boom enjoy mini WA+ on Official WhatsApp..

Download Whatsapp - here

Hide Privacy Patch - here

Show Privacy Patch - here

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