NEWhatsApp v5.03 APK


• Hide History
• Media Preview Download
• Copy Media Link
• Counter groups
• Almenchen in Groups feature
• Increase the size of the media sharing
• and more ..

Update to version Almarki  2.16.310 

What 's New V4.95:

• Add several different versions Pfisat
• Change the design Alwatsab lock
• Added an option to change the line Alwatsab Plus  >>  change the font type
• Added an option to change the VSAT Alwatsab Plus  [ ordinary + Samsung ] Plus  >>  change VSAT Alwatsab Plus
• add more of the input boxes Plus  >>  form of transmission Fund
• add more signals DOORSTEP [ works again ] Plus  >> more settings  >> 6.1 form Asahan • add more application icons + notices icons Plus  >> more settings 
• added an option to change the display format Sahan DOORSTEP in the main screen  Plus  >>  Style Home screen
• added an option to make a backup copy of all Aluwatsab + data option to recover
•  added an option to Azaa t name + the situation in the main screen Plus  >> more settings 
• adding multitasking for chats choice _ you can open more than one conversation at the same time..



1- Samsung Emoji Download
2- VSAT Emoji Download
3- Stock Emoji Download


1- Stock Emoji Download
2- VSAT Emoji Download 

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