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NS Whatsapp 5.0

NS 5.00 WHATSAPP BASE: 2.16.310

+Jebnael Gómez : Material Mods


* Icones 3D em all NSwhatsapp
* Added visualização of bolhas
* Added atalho of members rede com mais topics
* Design limpo and organized
* Novos centralized nomes not cabeçalho gives talks
* Novos focused titles em cartões
* Nova fabric bloqueio
* Increase video do limit for 1024 MB
Ícones e outros * novo materials added belos ícones (Mod 6.0)
* Added novo notify ícones materials (Mod 6.3)
* Added atalho for a Comunidade Whatsapp Mods®
* Added atalho for group whatsapp Mods®
* Novo sending e mensagem incoming sons
* Totally FREE AD to be mild mais Limpa and less consumption of dice
* Icone Notificacao lançador e Invisivel

* 3D Icons THROUGHOUT NSwhatsapp
* Added bubble view
* Added new section "MORE THEMES"
* Clean and organized design
* New names centered on the conversation header
* New titles centered on cards
* New lock screen
* Video Limit Increase to 1024 MB
* Added new icons and other materials beautiful icons (Mod 6.0)
* Added new icons notify materials (Mod 6.3)
* Added shortcut to the community Mods® Whatsapp
* Added shortcut for whatsapp Mods® group
* _New Incoming message and incoming sounds
* Fully AD FREE to be lighter, cleaner and less data consumption.
* Launcher and Invisible Notification Icon..

Download NS Whatsapp
NS WHATSAPP + 3D 5.00 PRIMARY BASE 2.16.310 (com.whatsapp)

3D WHTATSAPP secondary NS 5.00 BASE: 2.16.310 (com.gbwhatsapp)

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