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RD WhatsApp 7.10 apk Download

RDWhatsapp 7.10apk Latest version.RD Whatsapp Re-mod oF Gbwhatsapp Download rd whatsapp from the given link below.2packages OF RD Whatsapp com.rdwhatsapp & com.whatsapp


* Updated to New Base 2.16.310 
* New Bubble And Ticks Altornedo7 
* Ads-Free * (Exclusive) INSTEAD OF Elapsed Time 
* Last Seen on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.2c) (use 24hr time format) 
* (Exclusive) Option to make regular call from inapp INSTEAD oF WhatsApp call 
* Added New emojis (send Big emojis) 
* Added Doodle (Now With emoji add edit pics & text) 
* Added Option to Set duration for Online Toast (Mod 2.5.4) 
* Added option to Send Audio Clip upto 100mb INSTEAD oF 16mb (Mod 5.3) 
* Added Option to change color , while Forwarding of Group name to msg (Mod 2.4.14) 
* Added Option to change Background of Emoji in Pop-up Notification (mod 3.14) 
* Added Farsi Language Translation 
* Fixed WhatsApp.Log 
* Fixed Default Return to wallpaper When using mod 1.2.0 
* Fixed GB Widget in some devices 
* Other Stability Fixes
* anti expired

RDWhatsapp Changes :

* Updated to New Base 2.16.310 
* New Bubbles and Ticks Altornedo7 
* Ads-free without Advertising 
* (Exclusive) elapsed time instead of last seen in 
* master Spain (Mod 2.2.2c) (use the 24 - hour format) 
* (Exclusive) Option to make a normal call from inapp instead of WhatsApp 
* Added new emojis (send Big emojis) 
* Added Doodle (now add photo editing with emoji and text) 
* added option to set the duration of Online Toast (Mod 2.5.4) 
* added option to send audio clip of up to 100MB instead of 16MB (Mod 5.3) 
* added option to change the color of the group name as a msg is forwarded ( mod 2.4.14) 
* Added option to change the background of Emoji in the pop -up notification (mod 3.14) 
* Added translation into Farsi 
* Fixed WhatsApp.Log 
* Fixed Return to default screen background when using mod 1.2.0 
* Fixed GB Widget in some devices.

Download RDWhataspp 7.10 apk:

1- RDWhatsapp - com.rdwhatsapp

2- RDWhatsapp - com.whatsapp

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