WhatsApp + Plus v5.03 Apk Latest

What's New in Version v5.03

Release v5.03

🔹aaadh design and arrangement of settings
🔹azaar conversation bubble shape & DOORSTEP icons (you can now watch Matakhtarh)
🔹adhavh new icons to the settings
🔹adavh 327 cases WhatsApp new ready-to-use
🔹amkanah send Animations
🔹bat Now you can post messages or re-routed to several chats at the same time.
🔹 (exclusively) the possibility of sending an audio clip (song) sized up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
🔹amkanah amendment to the images before sending
🔹adhavh Almenchen feature in the Community
🔹and record video clips you can now scan your finger up or down to zoom in or zoom out.
🔹atih to the front flash light to take pictures of my predecessor in the dark.
🔹adhavh 2.4.10A option to change the background color of a call button.

🔹adhavh option to change the color icon Hah contact attached in talks
🔹aslah problem sending the video in some devices
🔹aslah in white screen appears when you attach an image in some devices
🔹adhavh dhikr and the Koran - Special thanks to Brother Omar Baveb
🔹adhavh Prayers - works without the Net
🔹adhavh regardless verses of the Koran - operating without Net
🔹adhavh stories of the prophets - works without Net
🔹adhavh option to name Azaa t + case in the main screen
🔹adhavh multitasking for chats choice _ you can open more than one conversation at the same time
🔹adhavh option to control the size of the input boxes
🔹adhavh 55 application icon
🔹adhavh 65 Icon notices
🔹adhavh option to make a backup copy of all data Alwatsab + option to restore the backup
🔹tgier theme to full
🔹adavh more icons
🔹adavh new wallpapers

🔹nschh Buthaim WhatsApp Plus old
🔹amkanah text formatting in messages through his private symbols: bold text, italics, strikethrough text ~ ~.
🔺nschh fast and works without problems
🔹oualemzad additions, was discovered by yourself 😉


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