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AB Whatsapp 5.30 apk use 10 whastapp in one phone

Base - 2.16.352 V5. 30

 : What 's New

🔺adavh Koran 
🔺adavh all the stories of the prophets 
🔺amkink now connect voice and image (video) call 
🔺adavh customized icons for chat bubbles 
🔺adhavh 13 new icon for the program (6.0 option) 
🔺adhavh option No. 8 for the management of Cache files , and the possibility of deletion ( Hajj could be up to 2 gigabytes would prefer to delete constantly) 
🔺amkanah protect your account through the two - step verification (of settings - account - Step verification) 
🔺amkanah place the name of the group consists of 35 symbols instead of 25 characters 
🔺dam display elapsed time of the last appearance when using coordinate 12 hour (2.2.2c option) 🔺and send VSAT will appear sized 
🔺adhavh translator Kurdish language 
🔺amkanah edit images before sending (drawing - writing , adding posters on the pictures) 
🔺alan you can use customized for each conversation privacy (Enter Conversation About then Privacy) and the use of public Privacy together  
🔺amkanah contact telephone call from inside Alwats August 
🔺adhavh option 2.5.4 to determine the duration of the alert became connected and visited your profile 
🔺adhavh option 5.3 to identify the sender audio clip size to 100 MB instead of 16 MB 🔹adhavh option 2.2. 2c to calculate the elapsed time for the last appearance 
🔹adhavh option 02/04/14 to change the color of the group name and support to change Theme reorientation screen of section 2.4 
🔹adhavh option 3.14 to change the color icon VSAT in the notifications pop - up screen add translation language Alvarsaah 
🔹aslah Back default background when using customized for each conversation background (1.2.0 option) 
🔹aslah widget hide appearing in some devices 
🔹adavh more icons 🔹

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