AZ Whatsapp 8.75

AZ WhatsApp

It is a modified version of Watts in August in place to open two accounts 2 Watts in August on the same machine

Install WhatsApp 2 {{ without root

Knott devices support 4-5-7-Edge | S-6-7-Edge .. and more
Supports samsung galaxy S6-7-edge | edge-Note4-5  
.... More

Edit: Ali Al Zaabi

 - in addition you can now connect audio and video (video call) the 
Enabled the Most Awaited Video Calls 

 - adding the possibility of protecting your account through the two - step verification (of settings - account - step verification) the 
Enabled the Authentication Factor 2

 -Add change VSAT to VSAT Samsung in option No. 10 survival advantage with Arab alignment

 - Added an option number 6.0.0 to change the form of the program to the old interface 
Added 6.0.0 Changing the form of the program to the old facade

 - adding 327 new cases ready 

 - the addition of 13 new icon for the program (Option 6.0) 
Added 13 New Launcher Icons

 - added option No. 8 for the management of Cache files , and the possibility of deletion (Hajj could be up to 2 gigabytes would prefer to delete constantly) 
Added to Option - Clean & WhatsApp Cache Files from the App with In-( the Mod 8)

 - add the possibility of a name for the group consisting of 35 symbols instead of 25 characters 
Now set Group name upto 35 characters instead on 25

 - added support for display elapsed time for the last appearance when using the 12 - hour format (2.2.2c option) 
Fixed Elapsed Time (Now works with both 12hrs & 24hrs) 

 - Add a button next to the media files to be forwarded rapidly and add options 02/01/56 and 01/02/57 to change the color of the button 
Added Button to Forward Media and color it (Mod 1.2.56 - 1.2.57)

 - a simple amendment to lock 
Modification Theme lock
 - fix applied themes loaded on the phone in some devices 
Fixed Big Emojis (Now support with themes) 

 -  reform of the input option is a transmitter
Fixed the Enter is send  -  reform of the conversation tone option Fixed Font size  -  font size option  Fixed Conversation tones  - Other improvements and repairs Other Fixes..

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