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HA Whatsapp v1.0

New additions :

● update base 2.16.352 
● You can now connect video states available where 
● You can now secure your two - step verification 
● You can delete redundant files from the program without losing anything 
● adding new icons slogans nations to more countries downloading the program such as Saudi Arabia . " Syria "Oman" Emirates "Iraq" Yemen "Egypt" Morocco "Lebanon" America "Spain" Algeria "Thailand" and precipitant states 
● you can put the name of the group consists of 35 symbols 
● you can direct media files without shading 
● you can now browse YouTube from within the program 
● you can now checking links before loading groups and verifiable 
● you can now follow Altelovesonah channels for all channels directly 
● you can now turn on the radio and listen to the radio and chose the country select the Trial Chamber 
● you can search far and ID Mtsalik figures without any software 
● added Azkar without Internet and Ayda Azkarsourh wa listen operate Ba Internet 
● were canceled images upper Blaiconat now you can control and change colors 
● new additions Bkhiaradhafaty.

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