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MI Whatsapp 5.15

Based on the latest version of GBWhatsApp to run a second number (works next to the official version)

♻ copies works with all Android phones and the most important (Galaxy Note 4 + Galaxy S 6)

🌟 version number 5.15

❤mtor ((Maimesan Mazen)) ❤

Published on 12.17.2016

By Mazen Maimesan

❀alchukr fo Omar breathe breeze to develop and rebuild a copy Alwatsab Plus
❀alchukr both
🌷 Abu Hussein Rifai
🌷 Ali Zoubi (Sahmaoa)
🌷 night Knight (Dark Knight)

mmizzat Althadit -

This is Safe and stable version, God willing It has been extended shelf life versionYou should update to the new version


Update to version 2.16.352 Almarki
You can now connect audio and video (video call)
Added 13 new icon for the program (Option 6.0)
Add option No. 8 for the management of Cache files, and the possibility of deletion (Hajj could be up to 2 gigabytes would prefer to delete constantly)
The possibility of protecting your account through the two-step verification (of settings - Account - Step Verification)
Possibility of a name for the group consisting of 35 symbols instead of 25 characters
Support display elapsed time for the last appearance when using the 12-hour format (2.2.2c option)
When you send VSAT will show large size
Add a button next to the media files to be forwarded rapidly and add options 02/01/56 and 01/02/57 to change the color of the button
Fix applied themes loaded on the phone in some devices..

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