MZ Whatsapp 16.00 Latest

[Fixed] Alert that the program is Harmful (if
not fixed please uninstall app and install
[Fixed] disable custom Calls
[Fixed] option to create Shortcut
[Fixed] Showing old pic profile
[Fixed] crash when open app
[Fixed] crash when open chat
[Fixed] crash when hide last seen from
[Fixed] Messages Translation
Other Fixes…
New ] Base Updated to 2.16.352
Enabled ] Most Awaited Video Calls
Enabled ] 2 Factor Authentication
Added ] 13 New Launcher Icons
Added ] Button to Forward Media and color
it (Mod 1.2.56 – 1.2.57)
Added ] Ability to call by clicking on
Missed Call Bubble
Added ] Option to Clean WhatsApp Cache &
Files from In-App (Mod ðŸ˜Ž
Added ] Now Set Group Name upto 35
Characters instead on 25.
Fixed ] Elapsed Time (Now works with both
12hrs & 24hrs)
Fixed ] Big Emojis (Now support with
Other Fixes.

MZ WHATSAPP 16.00 RED & BLUE BASE: 2.16.352

MZ WHATSAPP CHRISTIMAS 16.00 SECUNDÁRIO BASE: 2.16.352 (com.mzwhatsapp)

MZ WHATSAPP BLUE (AZUL) 16.00 SECUNDÁRIO  BASE: 2.16.352 (com.mzwhatsapp)

MZ WHATSAPP RED (VERMELHO) 16.00 SECUNDÁRIO  BASE: 2.16.352 (com.mzwhatsapp)

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