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#What's New in 5.15 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp -
  1. Repair the emergence of an alert that the program is harmful (in the case is still alert Go to Settings - chats - a backup copy of the talks and then delete and re - download the program) shows 
  2. Fixed error when you open the program 
  3. Fixed error when you open a conversation put her lock 
  4. Repair presence error when hide the appearance of the widget 
  5. repair stop receiving calls from a particular conversation 
  6. repair pictures of the old view instead of the new 
  7. repair option to create a shortcut to the program 
  8. repair the emergence of error when compiling the messages 
  9. update to version Almarki 2.16.352 
  1. you can now connect voice and image ( video call) 
  2. added 13 new icon for the program (6.0 option) 
  3. add option No. 8 for the management of Cache files , and the possibility of deletion (up Hajj for 2 gigabytes would prefer to delete constantly) 
  4. the possibility of protecting your account through the two - step verification (of settings - account - Step verification) 
  5. possibility of a name for the group consisting of 35 symbols instead of 25 characters 
  6. support display elapsed time of the last appearance when using the 12 - hour format (2.2.2c option)
  7. when you send VSAT will show a large size 
  8. add button next to the media files to be forwarded rapidly and add options 01/02/56 and 02/01/57 to change the color of the button 
  9. repair application themes loaded on the phone in some devices 
  10. Other reforms.

GB WHATSAPP 5.15 PRIMÁRIO TRANSPARENTE BASE: 2.16.352 (com.whatsapp)

GB WHATSAPP 5.15 SECUNDÁRIO TRANSPARENTE BASE: 2.16.352 (com.gbwhatsapp)

GB WHATSAPP 5.15 SECUNDÁRIO TRANSPARENTE BASE: 2.16.352 (com.gbwhatsapp2)

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