Whatsapp Super Cool Apk

  • [Major] Base update to 2.16.363
  • [Major] All mods code re-worked and optimized from scratch!...  YoWA is now EXTREMELY faster and no lags!
  • [Surprise] NO ADS! Ads-free; All in-app Ads removed =)
  • [Exclusive] Start Conversation/Send message to any number (FAB)
  • [Exclusive] Check Elapsed Time will be applied in Home Screen and In-Conversation header!
  • [Exclusive] Removed all low-storage restrictions (can record, take pic) even if storage available is 1mb
  • [Exclusive] Removed all suspicious media/documents restrictions
  • [Unlocked] All hidden features (New UI, GIF search, status, doodle, video call, big emoji, etc...)
  • [Re-Enabled] Option to make Phone call (Dial)
  • [Added] Splash Screen
  • [Added] Elapsed time
  • [Added] multiple chats/cards option (multi task)
  • [Added] Options to choose active FAB buttons
  • [Added] Option to change Unread Message Indicator background
  • [Added] Audio/Video Call statusbar coloring
  • [Added] Option to share YoWA with your friends!!
  • [Added] Changelog popup
  • [Fixed-Special] No Scroll lag with Contact Online status in Home 
  • [Fixed] Disappearing Tab on White color..
Now if this al100 fouad com.whatsapp hope you like

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