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AL Whatsapp 5.20 apk download

The new updated version 2.16.392 ALWhatsApp and additions terrible new beautiful and so was solving the problem of mis-recording and other ..

ALWhatsApp 5.20

Modify Mohammed Aljdha * 
[Lotus August beautiful and very Buthaim and adding in large] 
Has been solving the problem of mis-recording and other.
Alnsch supports all phones andmost importantS 6 or Knott 4 or Knott 5 and run number second onsame phone
Lotus August version 2.16.392 *
MA new in ALWhatsApp? *

😍 Althadit version 2.16.392 Almarki
😍 tm amendment to Theme Theme Alotsab very nice
😍 tm reducesizeapplication
😍 tm adding new icons
😍 thasin design in new update
😍 adavh option change font (46) (Arabic + E) lines very nice
😍 tm solveproblemmis-recording and other ..
😍 add more icons Alalttbaiq
😍 was organized settings and characteristics
😍 temt adding 400 new cases for a total780 cases (you can make your casesoonpressure it
😍 tm adding previous features such asQur'an and dhikr and useful sites and other
😍 tm addspecial sectionchannel my friend and cICI dear Bahauddin
😍 been modified to lock intovery nice look and feel attractive
😍(exclusively)possibility knowledgetalkswhich you activateprivacy or you activate allocatedany conversation notices (click Optionsthen allocated) talks
😍 (exclusively) add 5.2 option to send imageshigh accuracy
😍 amkanah Find Animations and sent
😍 tfiel new interface Alwatsab which includesdepartment (state)
😍 adhavh option 6.8 forreturn offacadetalks old
😍 adhavh options 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 to changecolor ofalert became connected or visited your profile


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