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CLUB AMERICA.MzWhatsapp v.5.30

Updating of MODS
MzWhatsapp v.5.30 CLUB.AMERICA

 video calls
 * change different fonts within the app
 different styles of bubbles and tick


 🔄 New in Version 5.30

 [New] Updated 17/02/24 Base (PlayStore)
 [Exclusive] Ability to view all messages from a specific person in a group (Ir profile group - Click on the member name - View message sent by that person) (To issue this page - go to the options after clicking View message for that person)
 [Exclusive] Now send any Video to 30mb as a GIF (Select the video to send in the right corner and click GIF)
 [Exclusive] Toast contact whenever any change a profile picture (Mod 2.5.7)
 [Added] New chat option Fab
 [Fixed] Hide Widget Last Seen (Now works as Charm)
 [Fixed] Privacy settings to the new user interface
 [Fixed] Email Chat
 [Fixed] Theme navigation bar on the main screen
 [Fixed] Mod 2.4.11
 [Fixed] Mod 2.5.5
 Many more solutions stability.

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