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jorge alvarez

For those who want to use my modded version of the new WhatsApp

Difference from stock:

• Fixed entry (no more emoji or camera button)
• Fixed attachment button
• Changed primary color to "Pretty Green"
• Changed accent and action color to "Pixel Blue"
• This mod DOESN'T have privacy mods or any other modification possibilities
• This mod does (probably) only work with XXHDPI devices (most of the devices these days)(you could still give it a shot but I'm not 100% sure it works)
• I will update this mod until I don't think it's necessary anymore
• Requests are welcome but I don't accept "orders" that some people give me, it will result in a block (I won't change the action nor the primary color)
• You still have to enable the new entry UI for it to work, otherwise you will just have an empty entry (also without camera and emoji button) you can enable the new entry with WA Tweaks.

Download link:
Download apk

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