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NH mods hidden Features WhatsApp 2.17.52

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Lucas Bruzzesi

NH Mod's

Tonight's work. Stock Whatsapp with hidden features ATTENTION this features are only enabled with root and this apk "WaTweaks" like the new home and conversation. Anyway you can use my whatsapp theming like stock. But for the hidden features you need root and WaTweaks. I'm going to do the theming pure with stock when the new official release has the new changes too but for now I hope you can enjoy this. The work is based on +Naza Herrera​ Mod. Here you've the original changelog.

" WhatsApp 2.17.52 Modified by me

- New fab in tab chats-status-calls y new entry modified with attach button

- This mod need ROOT (Titanium backup and watweaks). If you are not root user, do not install this mod

Download LINKS :

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