Whatsapp Love 2.0 apk

🔵New Notification icons mixUpped Video Limit 1GbNew Text Input StockNew tick Conversation
🔵New bubbles in conversation screen 🔵New
preferential background
🔵New logo Mix by Nairo Mix
🔵New sounds When sending and
receiving messages 🔵Type Type
ICompletes 🔵New Preferential background
🔵New images love Thanks to Baby
🔵2 bubbles (Diosalienigena)
🔵New sounds When sending and
receiving messages 🔵 (Exclusive) Custom chats (No need to
remember for who enabled personalized privacy and notifications
🔵High image added Resolution (Mod 5.2)
🔵 Enabled More expected
🔵New user interface (Server Sided)
🔵Added the Old Status option along with
🔵New UIAdded option to return to Old UI (Mod 6.8)
🔵Added GIF search
🔵 (Now search and send GIF)
🔵Options added to theme
🔵Online Toast (Mod 2.5.5 and 2.5.6) Other corrections> Icon change attach to Glass.

Wa love apk

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