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GAWhatsApp Release v3.5

Release v3.5

Whats New In Update?

* Update to version 2.17.79 Almarki
* Possibility sending audio clip (music) size up to 1GB GB instead of 100 MB
* Added option to Send Audio Clip upto

* possibility sending video size up to 1GB GB instead of 16 MB
* Added option to Send Video upto 1

* Added option to change format application line for several lines
* Added Option to Change Fonts Style to

* Activation interface old Alwatsab without condition of large number complaints from new interface with ability refer to new
* Enable old Ul

* ability display messages sent from anyone in group separately (Open any group then click on any name then choose view messages sent from that person or lighter profile group then choose any member and choose view messages sent from this user)
* Exclusive) Ability to View All Messages Person)

* Add option No. 2.5.7 The software will alert you when any person change his own image
* Exclusive) Toast whenever any contact changes

* You can convert any video any size to moving picture and send it
* Exclusive) Now send any Video upto

* possibility opening new chat from floating button
* Added New Chat Option in Fab
* Added option to read Koran stories without Net and possibility copying stories
* Added New Option for read Quran Stories

* Add new case feature (Alsturi)
* Added New Ul

* Add new VSAT Alwatsab
* Added New Emojis

* Added option in list privacy preventing any one know you seen its status
* Added Hide View Status Privacy (Do
(Exclusively) Add 5.4 option to place case high accuracy
* Exclusive) Added Ability to Upload Videos

* Repair Translate talks can now translate chat messages into several languages
* Fixed Translation in chats
* Fixed problem shut down force in some devices
* Fixed Crash

* Reforms to direct entry button
* Fixed Direct Entery

* Repair hide encore widget
* Fixed Widget (Now works like Charm
* Repair does not appear Amendment privacy case option
* Fixed Status Privacy in Settings
* Repair Option 2.4.11 To change size rows in list names
* Fixed Mod 2.4.11
* Repair send chat by email
* Fixed Email Chat
* Other reforms
* Other fixed
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