EFWhatsapp v5.50 apk

New EFWhatsApp v5.50

• extend the validity of the version of the end of the year
• the addition of 13 sports clubs Jdidh.bed Icon
• addition option to specify a period of alert from becoming connected and visited your profile
• possibility Alwatsab a secret number or lock a certain conversation without the need for programs in that lock.
• deleted icons survey
• The file stories of the prophets development
• You can update the application by searching for updating
• Activating the upgrade message feature to the application will tell you if there is a new update

💖osubh Alwatsab merged with the Qur'an and dhikr and the stories of the prophets and Halat💖
💖 (exclusively) Add the Quran
😍odhavh option to change the font Theme (Uploaded 52 new line) 😍
😍adhavh option to change Alvesat😍 shape
😍hbara you can now Alwatsab WebMail changed from new to old or Aeks😍
😍odhavh Alstori😍 feature
😍adhavh option tells you of the change Alchksah😍 image
😍tm amendment to the theme to become beautifully 😍
😍odhavh direct access 😍
In addition Alonbia💖 stories
💖hbara Uploaded 300 ready - to - Asthaddam💖 case
💖althadit version Almarki 2.17.79💖
💖amkink now connect voice and image (video call) 💖
💖adhavh 13 Jdidh💖 icon
💖adhavh Cache option to manage files , and the possibility of deleting (up Hajj 2 GB so preferably deleted continuously) 💖
💖amkanah protect your account through Step verification (settings - account - step verification) 💖
💖amkanah put the name of a group consisting of 35 characters instead of 25 Hrv💖
💖and send VSAT will show the size of Kber💖
💖amkanah edit images before sending them ( the drawing - writing add posters on the images) 💖
💖adhavh VSAT Alwats August Table Adh💖
💖adhavh option to specify a period of alert has become connected and visited Provilkk💖
💖tadel translation Arabah💖 language
💖amkanah send an audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of 16 Mega💖
💖amkanah amendment to the images before Arsalha💖
💖amkanah Send Animations 💖
💖bat You can now post messages or redirected to multiple chats at a time Nevsh.💖
💖dmj 42 surah of the Holy Qur'an in Alwatsab💖
💖adhavh reciting the morning and evening in Alwatsab💖
💖adhavh 300 cases ready (Asalamah_hab_vrac_fajr ... etc.) ( Maalik only pressure to become your case) 💖
💖aslah not move the situation in the top bar in the conversation 💖
💖alan You can create a link to your group and share them with Alachrin💖
💖amkanah Tlowin Alosme💖 screen
😘oualemzad additions, discovered by yourself 😉

Download EFWhatsapp : v5.55


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