Abo2sadam Whatsapp 5.70 download latest version apk

Download Abo2sadam5.70 Whatsapp 4 Whatsapp in one Phone. abo2sadam Whatsapp app is one of the Most popular Android app. If you have android device, and want to use Whatsapp MOD in it for do cool things in your Whatsapp,

Like using 2 Whatsapp Accounts in one device, and much more. You can Hide your Last Seen, Second Tick, Online Status etc with the help of this GB WhatsApp App. We have Provided Direct Download Link for abo2sadamWhatsapp, which you can easily use in your rooted or non rooted android device. There are lots of Cool Whatsapp Tricks available these days,Send Blank Message in Whatsapp and much more. This abo2sadam Whatsapp Comes with Lots of Features, and improved in much more things. This abo2sadamWhatsApp is better than WhatsApp plus or ogwhatsapp. We have also mentioned some super cool features, which are included in this abo2sadamWhatsapp.\

ABO2SADAM New update v5.70

☜Update the proportion of the market 2.17.107
☜(Exclusive) possibility to send all types of files such as programs, compressed files, etc.
☜(Exclusive) possibility to hide any conversation(press and hold on any conversation and then choose hide)
☜Possibility to save(store) friends in the studio.
☜(Exclusive) counter messages are now working to stop the program!!
☜(Exclusive) reset option number of 6.8 to develop a list of names instead of a list of case new - old interface
☜Add the option number 2.2.34 to change the color of the status bar the modern
☜Add the option number 2.2.35 change the color of the text, the modern
☜Fixes another..


Abo2sadam WHATSAPP 5.70 PRIMÁRIO BASE: 2.16.352 (com.whatsapp)

Abo2sadam WHATSAPP 5.70 SECUNDÁRIO  BASE: 2.16.352 (com.wa2whatsapp)

Abo2sadam WHATSAPP 5.70 SECUNDÁRIO  BASE: 2.16.352 (com.wa3whatsapp)

Abo2sadam 4 WHATSAPP 5.70 SECUNDÁRIO  BASE: 2.16.352 (com.wa4whatsapp)

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