AZWhatsapp Plus v9.0 Latest Version Apk

AZWhatsapp app is one of the Most popular Android app. If you have android device, and want to use Whatsapp MOD in it for do cool things in your WhatsApp, Like using 2 Whatsapp Accounts in one device, and much more.

You can Hide your Last Seen, Second Tick, Online Status etc with the help of this AZ Whatsapp App. We have Provided Direct Download Link for AZWhatsapp, which you can easily use in your rooted or non rooted android device. There are lots of Cool Whatsapp Tricks available these days,Send Blank Message in Whatsapp and much more. This AZWhatsapp Comes with Lots of Features, and improved in much more things. This AZWhatsapp is better than WhatsApp plus or ogwhatsapp. We have also mentioned some super cool features, which are included in this

Date Updated: 05/01/2017

● -  version based onissuance2.17.107

New Base Updated To 2.17.107

● -(exclusive) abilityhide any conversation (click on any conversationlengththen choose Hide)  Ability To Hide Chats ( the Select Any Chat And the Click On 3 Dots At Right corner and Click Hide Chat)

● - the possibilitykeeping cases (Alsturi) friends instudio (open any casethen press 3 points benchtopthen download) Added Option - to the save Status / Story ALL STAR ( the free Open any Status and the Click on 3 dots at Right corner and Click Download)

● - message counter is now working onprogram icon (Exclusive) Fixed Msg the Count on Icon

● - add option No. 6.8 to listnames instead oflistnew case (Exclusive) added Back the Mod 6.8 the Old Ui But In Different Style 's

● - add option No. 02/02/34 to changecolor limit cases bar Th Option - To Theme Bar & Status 's Avatar Recent the Text ( the Mod 2.2.34 & 2.2.35)

●- add option number 2.2.35 to changetextrecent casescolor

● -  addnew optionHoly Quran inMP3 sectionIslamic additions (you need to contact Blanturnt run)

● -  Addoption to search fornew update section updates

● -  Now when therenew update will allow you to update

● - improvements and other reforms

Other Fixes..

Package - com.azwhatsapp

Download AZ Whatsapp 9.0 Apk

Final Words :

This was the Easy Guide on How to Download and use AZWhatsapp in your Phone for doing various things in your Whatsapp with this simple app. We have Updated AZWhatsapp to Latest Version, which you can Download Directly in one Click, and simply install and use in your Device. There are many gb whatsapp themes available in app itself, which you can download and use. If you have any confusion, or any other issue while downloading this file, then simply comment below. Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for more.

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