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GA WhatsApp v4.0 on GB Base

GAWhatsapp app is one of the Most popular Android app. If you have android device, and want to use Whatsapp MOD in it for do cool things in your WhatsApp, Like using 2 Whatsapp Accounts in one device, and much more. You can Hide your Last Seen, Second Tick, Online Status etc with the help of this GA Whatsapp App.

We have Provided Direct Download Link for GA Whatsapp, which you can easily use in your rooted or non rooted android device. There are lots of Cool Whatsapp Tricks available these days,Send Blank Message in Whatsapp and much more. This GA Whatsapp Comes with Lots of Features, and improved in much more things. This GA Whatsappp is better than WhatsApp plus or ogwhatsapp. We have also mentioned some super cool features, which are included in this GA Whatsapp.

✎tadel Obossalh Obeidi
By @alabidi_tech

✇ma new in the update?

* Update version Almarki 2.17.107
Update , To -v 2.17.107

* possibility of sending all file types ... the .zip {, RAR, .apk, the exe, Etc}
* Can You send the Any Files {Tipo ... the .zip, RAR, .apk, the exe, Etc}

* new format for the appearance of the added settings and basic theme
new Style 's for en language

* edit language option to retrieve the old format of the settings for the original theme and also to change the language

* possibility to hide any conversation (press and hold on any conversation and then choose Hide)

* (Exclusive ) ability to Hide Chats ( the Select Any Chat And the Click on 3 Dots at Right Corner And Click Hide Chat)

* ability to save situations (Alsturi) friends in the studio
Added Option - to the save Status / Story ALL STAR ( the free Open Any Status

* message counter is now working on the icon The program !!
(Exclusive) Fixed Msg On the Count Icon

* Declaration Dah Option 6.8 for a list of names instead of the list of new case
(Exclusive) Added Back the Mod 6.8 the Old Ui But In Different Style 's

* Activating Option 6.8 to list the names instead of the list of the new case automatically the
Enable Option 6.8 the auto For Different Style

* add Option 2.2.34 to change the color of recent cases of bar
option - to Theme bar & Status 's Avatar recent the text ( the Mod 2.2.34 & 2.2.35)

* add option number 2.2.35 to change the text of cases , recent cases of color
* delete change the font option because of the occurrence of avalanches
Remove Fonts Style Because by crash Option

* The application has become faster and more smoothly than before the
app Now Its speed

* The application has become slimmer size of up to 24MB
Saze by just 24MB

* fix sudden collapse when the owners of Apparatus Weak Gaza
Fixed by crash First Any problem that

* Other reforms
Other Fixes..

Download link:

📥Download GAWhatsapp4.0 Apk

Package com.gawhatsapp
Size 24MB
developer Messanger By @alabidi_tech GAMods

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