WhatsSaudi v1.00 Apk

new update *

* program whatssaudi *
* alternative للواتساب official *
* modifying Hamadeh ha *
* for waistcoat v.100 *

● update base, 2.17.159
● carry all options privacy concealment the appearance of concealment للاستلام reading للخاص and groups and collective and registration, writing, and privacy allocated prefers the work of re-run the program after activation of any option
● you can now hide and news anyone Bank I watched the case الستوري own with it
● you can now messages any number directly without keepers third-contact of the option of settings including the key to the state without +
● you can now send all files والامتدادات واهماها extension apk directly without problems
● been to extend the life of the program to the last year 2018 without request reload ════ ════

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