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Yemen Whatsapp 5.57 apk Latest Version Download

YemenApp Update New Mod - cool & new features added.Based on GBWhatsapp v5.60 Base - 2.17.107.You can download from the given link.

🌟 version number 5.57

 2017 / June / 10

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Features of Whatsapp Plus Yemen 

⏩althadit version 2.17.107 Almarki
❁Updated to version2.17.107
❁ (exclusively)  extend  life version until the update in  future  asking
❁ (Exclusively) Extend the life of
❁ (exclusively)  possibility  sending all kinds  files such as programs, compressed files and other
❁ (Exclusively) possibility to send all
❁ (add) section  change  lines full Alotsab 42 line
❁ (Add) section of the change
❁ (exclusively)  possibility  sending  audio clip (music)  size  up to 100 Miqa
❁ (Exclusively) Added option to Send
❁ (exclusively)  ability  send  video clip size  up to 700 Miqa instead of 30 MB
❁ (Exclusively) Added option to Send
❁ (addition) distinctive direct access (without investigation code) code via  backup copy of calculating YemenApp
❁ (Add) Distinct Direct Access (
❁ (exclusively)  hide  possibility  any conversation (click on any conversation  length  then choose Hide)
❁ (Exclusive) Hide any conversation (
❁ (possibility) Save cases (Alsturi) friends in  studio
❁ (Possibility) save cases (storages
❁ (exclusively) re  Option 6.8 to list  names instead of  list  new situation -  old facade
❁ (Exclusively) Reset option 6.8 to
❁adhavh his Muslim contain more than ten sections
❁ (Add) Islamic library contains more
❁adhavh 300 cases ready (Asalamah_hab_vrac_fajr ... etc.) (except Maalik pressure to become your case)
❁ (Add) 300 case ready (
❁adhavh option to get useful sites (religious-students-other sites  may need)
❁ (Add) option to get useful
❁adhavh option to download applications from  PlayStation market
❁ (Add) option to download apps
❁adhavh option to download videos from YouTube
❁ (Add) option to download videos
❁adhavh option to download applications and games Mhl
❁ (Add) option to download applications
❁adhavh Asplash version
❁ (Add) the Splash version
❁adhavh time in place settings (analog-digital)
❁ (Add) the clock in the
❁ (exclusively) Message counter is now working on  program icon !!
❁ (Exclusive) The message counter now
❁ (add) option No. 02/02/34 to change  color  modern cases  bar
❁ (Add) option number 2.2.34 to
❁ (add) option number 02/02/35 to change  text  cases  recent cases  color
❁ (Add) Option number 2.2.35 To

Download links :
Package : com.whatsapp
Version : 5.57
App size : 36MB
Download [Whatsapp Yemen] apk

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