AKWhatsApp v1.5 Apk (Latest Version)

AK Whatsapp Latest version
#AKWhatsApp v1.5 Apk

AK WhatsApp Latest Version Features :

•  Updated to version 2.18.146
•  Ability to send a video up to 50MB instead of 30MB
•  Possibility to go to the first message in the conversation (open any conversation then press the options and then go to the first message)
•  You can directly download any image or video from theStory (Status section)
•  The possibility of sending programs, games and all kinds of files
•  You can install any chat at the top of your chat list for easy access Ability to install more than 3 conversations
•  Edit option 6.8 You can set the list of contacts instead of the status list or instead of the call log list
•  Add option 2.2.5A to change the color of the collective message list name in the main chats screen
•  Ability to click status links Fix option 6.11 to disable pop-up notifications appearing in Noga (7.0)
•  When you search for a conversation you can hide it now Fix the program shutdown when opening a conversation in some devices
•  Add option 1.1.14 to hide the attachment button from the top bar of the conversation
•  Add Option 1.2.44 to hide the attachment button from the Chat Writing Box Add option 2.2.34 to change the color of the recent status bar
•  Add option 2.2.35 to change the text color of recent cases Other reforms

AK WhatsApp Download:

Package : com.akwhatsapp

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